Ash Brownies

I have new plans for what is to happen to my body after I die. In lieu of the boring old idea of just leaving my body to science, I now want to be cremated. AND THEN, after I’m cremated, is when the shit really starts going down. If my family/friends want to get the awesome inheritance that I will undoubtedly be leaving behind (I’ve got a lot of cool shit), then they will have to undergo a few things. After they receive my ashes from being cremated, they will have to go out to the store and buy everything that they need to make a batch of brownies. Said family and friends will then have to empty the batch of will ashes into the brownie recipe, and bake them for around 25 minutes or until tasty. Now in order to receive what I’ve left behind for them, they must each eat a Dead Will’s ashes brownie. The eating of this brownie must be videotaped and then subsequently sent to me in heaven. Upon the viewing of all of the tapes, I will then decree that it’s cool and that you guys can have the various things I have set aside for you to inherit. Please allow two – three weeks for decree delivery.


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