Chocoholics in DFW are going to need to have their accountability buddies on speed dial this weekend.

The Second Annual Chocolate Festival is in the sweet center of Denton on Saturday at the Civic Center. Townie candy makers and bakers like Candy Haven and Big Fatty’s Spanking Shack will be there packin’ the goods. Expect to see some chocolate cake trouffles, Mexican chocolate bread pudding and even some chocolate flavored craft-making (you’re guess is as good as our’s).

From what we can tell this year’s festival isn’t exactly rivaling last year’s. Of the four restaurants we called, only two were planning on making the trip out this year. Is this another stroke of bad luck that can be chalked up to a constantly weakening economy, or just poor planning? Head to Denton on Saturday and let us know!

Denton won’t be without competition, however, as all local Central Market stores will also be having their Festival of Chocolate for the duration of the weekend.

As for us, we’ll be avoding the crowds at home, sleeping in late, having a cup of some delicious Bookish Coffee and making a batch of these TEXAS REDHEADS from local Etsy seller, motg. Seriously, fudgy-chocolate brownies with some heat? That’s Texas in a pan.


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