Five Sixty – Wolfgang Putz

wolfgang putz

If you can tolerate the accent, we hear that Wolfgang Puck will be making an appearance at his new restaurant, Five Sixty, on Monday.

The restaurant, which is taking over the vacant spot upon Reunion Tower, isn’t actually celebrating it’s grand opening until Tuesday, and, normally, isn’t even open on Mondays, but ya gotta make some amendments when the owner comes into town. The man is a little bit busy, after all.

Is anybody really even interested in eating Asian-inspired food cooked by an aging Austrian, though? Heck, we’d rather just have the Governator grill us a tuna-burger. Is there something we’re missing here, or are we just nipping on the heels of a dud?

To be fair, the restaurant has been serving on the sly for a few weeks now, and the food has received favorable reviews from patrons so far. It is nice to finally have a somewhat respectable restaurant atop the tower.


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