WeShotJr’s Sarah Jaffe Review

WeShotJr has a review of the new Sarah Jaffe record, Suburban Nature, up on their site right now. And it’s a doozy.

Well, I guess that depends on your definition of doozy, but it sure is an annoying read. WeShorJr newcomer, “Frank Phosphate,” wastes no time laying it into Jaffe for being “very boring and predictable,” and then bemoans the majority of her songs for a reliance on “woe is me” songwriting, eventually giving the album 1.5/5 stars. “Phosphate” goes out of his way to put Jaffe down, just as I’m sure he’s planned to do since this record was announced.

Just ugh, really. “Phosphate” has gone out of his way to put down many other local bands before (he’s the new Jacob on the island of DFW music negativity), but this is his first record review, and he’s way wrong. Jaffe’s album is completely amazing. EVERY song delivers. And while “Phosphate” is correct in a few of his comparisons, Jaffe deserves to share the stage with Mrs. Jones and our dear St. Vincent. Just check out this wonderful video Go Figure Skate got of the new Jaffe gem “Clementine” from her CD release show at Dan’s last Tuesday and decide for yourself:


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