Monday Roundup

WeShorJr’s Monday Morning Rock highlights a few good shows this week, including:

Of Montreal MONDAY @ Granada
True Widow/I Love You/Shiny around the Edges/Sans Soleil THURSDAY @ Majestic Dwelling of Doom
Sundress/WRITER/Daniel Folmer/Caleb Ian Campbell SATURDAY @ Kessler

Also, there’s a show @ The Schoolhouse in Denton on WEDNESDAY featuring Doug Burr, Record Hop, Shiny Around the Edges, Manned Missiles and Dear Human

Subservient Experiment has a great writeup of the Vic Chesnut show at Dan’s this past weekend that I missed.

PS: Give this new Sunnybrook track (from their/his forthcoming album) on Subservient Experiment a listen when you get the chance. Better than his EP, which is saying a lot.

If you haven’t checked out Today in Denton’s interview with the Time Bandits folk from last week, put that on your to-do list. Honestly, I wasn’t sure where they had moved to until I read it, and it is certifiably the best vintage/record store you’ll find in town. Do yourself the favor.

New/old DO writer, Andrea Grimes, gives us her thoughts on the somewhat free “‘Nilla Ice” show that happened for some reason this weekend.

Go Figure Skate announced the Father’s Day series of shows at the Monday Tea and Tots gathering at the Hydrant Cafe, featuring Eric Nichelson of Midlake fame and Paul Slavens of Paul Slavens fame.


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