New Vegetarian Restaurant in Denton

Spiral Diner

Along with the developing news on the first In-N-Out Burger in DFW, I also heard this week that a new vegetarian restaurant will be opening up in the space across the street from the Greenhouse on Locust. The same space that has been vacant since Ravelin moved a little over two years ago.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? It’s obvious that there’s something going on there currently, and it’s been a gigantic waste of great space (like too many parts of Denton are) for far too long. I originally had heard that the landlord who owns that property was a bit of a jerk, so I’m guessing the building has either changed hands or homeboy got some meds.

I did send an E-mail to Sprial Diner once encouraging them to open a location in little d, but I’m crossing my fingers for something a little more exciting (maybe the type of place where my waiter will remember to bring me a damned box for my son’s leftovers after I ask him two times). Really, though, I’d be happy with anything, wouldn’t you?

With the current (and long-lasting) Fry St. controversy, I’d like to see this spring up ASAP, so some of those old goobers in City Hall can see how well-integrated retail and restaurant spaces can have a positive impact on residential areas.

What’s the word, gentlepeople?


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