Taking on Denton Coffee


Denton's not quite a foodie-town, but we may be a coffee-villa.

I have an old friend (by which I mean he is nearing 50) who drove a Jeep Wrangler for a period of about 4 months some twenty years ago. The car crapped out on him and he didn’t have the money to get it fixed and he’s needed a truck for his job ever since, but said friend swears up and down that if was ever given the opportunity, he would get rid of his truck and drive a Wrangler again in an heartbeat. I was a barista for about a year once and I feel that way about my job.

I’m addicted to coffee. Just this afternoon, I accidentally poured my two and a half year old son a cup of fresh coffee when he asked for water. I admit that I have a problem, and Denton is my enabler. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful coffee shops in our midst.

A fellow Dentonite and blogger, Best of Denton, has recently taken in upon herself to review ALL of them. You can view her post here, and I highly recommend you do. Thankfully, she leaves out Art Six, an establishment that I will most likely lambast in a future post.

Anyway, check out this post and let them know what you think. Do you agree? Disagree? Hate life? Post it in the comments and we’ll see if we can make some of these joints even better.

My only complaint is judging the establishments based on a cup of decaf. UNFAIR! You have to go straight espresso or Macchiato if you want to really get an idea of what level of quality these establishments are providing. Also, Banter needs to somehow establish themselves as more of a lunch/brunch/munch place than a coffee joint, cause that ain’t so hot.

Has anyone tried out Zera Coffee yet on Bell?


3 responses to “Taking on Denton Coffee

  1. OK, so YOU think an espresso or Macchiato is the way to judge coffee. Why not follow in my footsteps and rate these joints on just those drinks? And any other criteria you think make a good coffee house! I think there can never be too much discussion about the excellence that is Denton, TX.
    And, thank you so much for the kind mention.

    PS – I haven’t been to Zera’s yet, but they’re on my list. And I’m intrigued by their seemingly crummy location… Who are their clientele? And how do they get here?

    • Oh, I probably should. I have a cousin who runs a coffee joint in Norman, OK who was in town just a few months ago and she did a similar thing and I accompanied her on part of it. Just didn’t have a blog then. I’m probably too biased at this point to even think about doing this and maintaining any sense of journalistic ambivalence, anyway. It’s still in the cards, though! I’ll at least wait on the rest of your list though.

      And I’ve only seen the inside of Zera while driving past it. I’m guessing it’s just full of police officers or people unsatisfied from eating at Miguelito’s. Looks nice, though.

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